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Hello, I find the idea of Symbiostock great!
I would love to also join Symbiostock with my own Website.

Unfortunately Symbiostock can not be used in any country.
For example in Germany, there are legal problems.
This makes it impossible to operate Symbisotock in Germany quite safe.
Because I would have to operate the Symbiostock-Website under German law.
Because I live in germany.

However, if a "Symbiostock Agency" would be my franchised partner for example,
in the United States could avoid all these problems and U.S. law would apply.

It would be possible, in addition to individual contributors websites to establish a Symbiostock-Agency with a fair price?
This could then feed the images to a fair payment also in the Symbiostock-Network.

I think that would solve the problems of many european contributors
and would massively increase the potential of Symbiostock.

Sorry english is not my native language.

I'm aware of the problem. Living in Belgium it's not easy to start any webshop that's selling worldwide.
Once, Cascoly started a service that gave me some hope "Symbiostock Co-operative Project" http://symbiostock-network.com/  but this solution as it is designed will not be of any help in the EU.
Besides it is quit silent around the project for the last couple of months.

At this moment I've setup my site without any direct sale but only as a window on my work and with a link where it is available (thanks to the plugin from Ajotte).  At least my pictures are out there on display in a quite "professional" way thanks to Symbiostock. We'll see what comes next. Any hint is welcome


--- Quote from: 7Horses on April 27, 2014, 07:43 --- Any hint is welcome

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it does not seem easy but it is possible for example somthing like that:

Contributors would have to start a nonprofit organization.
Funded by the members themselves this organization uses the infratsructure of Symbiostock and is domiciled in the United States.
Each member pays for example $ 100 for his membership.
The organization is a non profit organization and is only for billing and to feed the images to the Symbiostock-Network responsible.

I think there are many contributors who would like to deliver Symbiostock but they just cant because they cant programming a website or just have problems with tax and laws in ther home countrys. That is very unfortunate.

As a nice side effect, this could also solve THE major problem of Symbiostock imo: the absence of a single site for buyers, with just one login.

But it would add another problem: what if the major agencies don't appreciate the fact that we would be effectively starting a competing site? how many of us would be ready to leave the traditional agencies if forced to decide between them and Symbiostock? Not me.

Considering all these problems, I am not currently using Symbiostock anymore (after a short trial period) although I appreciate the effort of its creator and sustainers.



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