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Anyone still using the original version of Symbiostock?

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Just curious if anyone else is still using the OG version of Symbiostock and if you have updated WordPress?

I'd hate to update Wordpress and blow up my site, which is still pulling in revenue.


Not me. Sorry I can't be more help.

Jo Ann Snover:
I am. My WordPress version is 5.2.3 which is the latest (I think).

The only problem I have is with the PhP version on the BlueHost server. You can set a version in a file called htaccess, which I do, but there is an automated process on the server that keeps editing the file to change the version to the latest (7.x), which breaks the old Symbiostock plugin.

I figured I'd keep this running until something breaks and then consider the experiment over. I have other things I'm hosting there, so I may just turn the domain into a portfolio site, vs sales; I wouldn't mind using some other sales option, but It has to be something low maintenance and low cost (sales are minimal, so I'm not going to pay much for site software that just won't pay me back).

i'm still running it, and there are still several dozen sites online (based on my update routine that runs every night)

I also use it for pages WP does easily, complementing my other site with vbscript & java needs.

sales are nil, but since it still runs, no need to take it down

Thanks for the feedback! I will do a site backup and then update.

My sales aren't huge, but get one or two a week which pays for my hosting and then some.


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