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are categories necessary?

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I'm setting up my symbio site and I'm about to upload the pictures. Applying categories to every image would be big amount of work so is it possible to omit this step? Would it influence networking or seo?


Categories are not necessary for Symbiostock to function.  They are for the benefit of potential clients. The time it takes to put images in Categories is small compared to the time needed to work on SEO of each image and keywording.

Categories are not necessary, but they will increase SEO slightly (since each category creates a new page that Google indexes).

You can also do them at a later time if you choose.

Thank you ! ;)

By the way, have you had any sales already ?


--- Quote from: niserin on October 07, 2013, 11:23 ---By the way, have you had any sales already ?

--- End quote ---

I had two sales so far :)


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