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Can Symbiostock ever be bought out?

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VB inc:
I've been following these threads closely with the intention of creating my own symbio site once other priorities are out of the way (i started a screen printing venture for one. I'm in nyc so if anyone needs screen printing services =) pm me...).

Lets say this really takes off and the agencies really take notice on its success. Is there a possibility of a company like GETTY swooping in and killing this thing by outright buying it off??? I'm not familiar with the "open source" project of this sort.

No we all own our own sites.

there's no one to buy it from!  open source means just that - the entire source code is publicly available.  someone could make & market a derivative, but they'd need to build their own network

I'm willing to sell.  ;)

Devil's advocate here....

What if G---y said offered ridiculous $$$ for www.symbiostock.com, www.symbiostock.info and www.symbiostock.net websites?

What if they offered Leo ridiculous $$$ for the site and code and sent out an update that broke the network?

Just saying... ???


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