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New Feature in 1.1: Metadata Writing


Symbiostock Official:
Now you can use Symbiostock to not only read metadata when adding images, but as a free full metadata editor.

Full docs here:


You can automatically save your product title, description and tag edits to files now so if you want to export those images, or upload them to agencies, you now have the ability to do all your edits within Symbiostock.

For PLUS users, this now means that Symbiostock can be your all-in-one repository for images:

1) Upload your image

2) Do all your metadata editing within the WordPress interface

3) PLUS will automatically save your metadata and distribute your newly keyworded image to agencies.

4) Your image is fully keyworded for your own Symbiostock store as well.

This feature can be enabled/disabled on a global and individual product basis.

About the forum I want to know more.


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