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People Still Using SymbioStock?

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I have been playing with symbiostock for a self hosted site but it looks like many of the forums associated with it are slow or dead. Are people still using this theme/script to sell images? I am also wondering if the "Pro" version or plugin is still available anywhere?

Jo Ann Snover:
I'm still hosting my site, but the number of sites and images in the network is steadily shrinking. And it's been a while since I had a sale - but I think a couple of the illustrators have been doing OK.


It was 175+ and about 290K images before the guy who started the project walked away. Leo Blanchette is the author of the pro plugin (it was $75; not sure what the current deal is); you'd need to get it from him, I think. But I'm honestly not sure that it's a great idea to start a new site given where things are at the moment.

Semmick Photo:
I am still running two sites


Pro plugin is for sale from the developer website



--- Quote from: Jo Ann Snover on January 27, 2015, 11:28 ---
It was 175+ and about 290K images before the guy who started the project walked away.

--- End quote ---

True, he did walk away.. but a few weeks ago, he announced that he is back..

Community forum is up again: http://www.symbiostock.org/community/

Last I heard, Leo was working on an improved "paid" version..

I'll chime in on this too, since I'm still running my Symbiostock site: http://bestnaturestock.com/

The site works very well, and I'm proud of it. No complaints about the system itself. But while my images sell well enough on SS and DT, I have not yet had a sale through my Symbiostock site. However, it's a nice showcase for my work, and that's why I keep adding images.

The collapsing network is the biggest worry. The whole Symbiostock concept was based on the idea of a strong, growing network of independent sites that would gain visibility and market share as each of us attracted viewers/buyers to our sites and through the network helped them discover our "partner" sites. Unfortunately, that never happened.

Like lots of others, I'm looking forward to seeing what Leo comes up with in his new iteration. I hope it will re-energize the network and get it growing again.


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