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Account Suspension?

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I got one too...
I sent  a few designs a few years back, and I dont remember,  maybe 20 cards. Maybe mine is what I would considerer an inactive account. 

I replied that I didn't have any new designs to upload, and to let me know when the account is closed.

I just don't know...I just think they could have worded the email differently...account suspension in the subject makes people jump out of their seat.

I got the same email.  Apparently it was an error.

I had one of those a long time ago. I never uploaded anything there after signing up, so I didn't really care. I don't know if they actually did anything.

I got a notice yesterday as well.   I had uploaded a while ago and even made a few $5 sales (which they paid you for immediately which was nice), however their system was the clunkiest I had ever seen.   Then I uploaded more a while later and they rejected them because their design standards had changed in some way that I hadn't been made aware of. 

So, in the end it was too much of a pain to deal with. 

I got one, too. I told them to go ahead and delete my account, that I wouldn't be uploading any more cards. I only sell something about 3x a year. Not enough to worry about, for sure. I did mention that I wanted them to be sure to delete all of my designs.


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