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Trouble Logging In

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Has anyone else had trouble logging into their account since they upgraded their site?  I get an internal error every time I try to log on. 

Beppe Grillo:
I get this "Internal Server Error" too

But not on the portfolio page

The site has never been slower. Its so slow the internet is upset about it.

Just got off the phone with them.  I did eventually work out the login problem, but currently the upload process is not working so you can't upload any new designs at present.  He's hoping to have it fixed in 3-5 days.

Beppe Grillo:
I have asked them.

They answer me (after two minutes - they are really reactive!):

"Thank you for your email. We are in the middle of a switch over to the new site. As you know there are issues they are going to resolve next week.
Please login Wednesday and notify us if you are having the same issue after that time."

So let's see Wednesday ;)


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