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Title: Question about closing account
Post by: sweetgirll on February 04, 2012, 13:48
Hi guys,
I think I'm going to close some accounts, where I'm not making money and I can not keep up with uploading.
If you decide to close the account, how does it work?

I have some "coffee money" in unpaid earnings, I think not even enough to request a payout...f I close, they keep the unpaid earnings correct?

I guess this is how it works in all agencies, correct? If you close the account you don't get to  receive the money left in there?
Title: Re: Question about closing account
Post by: WarrenPrice on February 04, 2012, 13:56
It seems many people get frustrated with a site and immediately decide to close the account (myself included).
Why is that? What do you have to lose by leaving it as is?  Is it adversely affecting your other accounts? 
I suppose there could be a dilution of better selling sites ... but if your sales are poor at the annoying site ... it should have no effect on the better selling sites, should it?

Answer to who keeps the accrued earnings ... yes.  You lose the money.

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