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Author Topic: Snapvillage to be folded into Veer  (Read 22221 times)

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« Reply #50 on: February 06, 2009, 16:14 »
Anyway, I am eager to see how it all plays out. If things go well, it could mean big changes in my future.

As designer or as contributor? As far as I can distill it from this thread, Veer used to be an RM agent and will now venture in RF microstock with a separate collection. Search engine etc... will be different. They have no real experience with RF microstock and they are relying on the debris of SV to provide them with the know-how. Don't know if that's an asset since on the IT side, SV wasn't that knowledgeable. When Getty bought iStock, they got a mature product.

I can also deduct from the thread (ready after summer) that all the IT machinery for RF microstock on Veer as well as the workflow has to be developed/rolled out yet. Many contributors that withheld massive upload by the rather unpleasant upload experience at SV will flock at Veer en masse, like it happens with every new microstock agency, so they will need loads of inspectors.

Finally their traditional RM contributors might not be so happy about the invasion of cheap microstockers, since some of what I saw technically would never make it to the "traditional" RF microstock. The current "Indie Dream" on the Veer photography frontpage would most probably be rejected for bad cropping, bad composition, shallow DOF (the hands) and hard on-cam flash.

Just wait and see I guess.

Veer has been (macro) RF and RM for the years I've used them, though I don't know their complete history and it's entirely possible that they at one time were RM only. They have absolutely no micro experience, though (as far as I know).

You should spend a little time on their site and check things out. They have some very innovative features for designers, such as the "Shuttleboard" lightbox mode which allows designers to fluidly move and resize images in their lightbox and try them out together in a layout style environment, and "Flont" which allows a designer to sample fonts by typing in whatever they want to say and seeing it displayed in the selected font.

In addition to these useful tools, they have a ton of very cool merch, and as already mentioned, they send out clever and useful direct mail pieces to their customers. They have a strong designer community with articles, designer portfolios and blogs, groups, wallpaper downloads and a bunch more.

In a nutshell, this is not your mamma's macro site. ;)

There is a lot of potential for success. I'm not saying that there aren't a lot of unknowns, just that I'm looking forward to seeing it play out.
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« Reply #51 on: February 06, 2009, 16:15 »
The more I think about this deal the less impressed I am with it. Here's a company with no micro experience buying a train wreck of a company with weak technology and impotent marketing experience.

Veer didn't buy SnapVillage.
Corbis owns Veer (purchased in Nov 07), and I think the situation here is that Corbis is merging SV into Veer.


« Reply #52 on: February 06, 2009, 16:46 »
i wrote to ask some questions and i got an almost instant reply from a Veer representative,which i find is very nice, considering how some other sites take over a month to answer you.

« Reply #53 on: February 06, 2009, 17:09 »
The more I think about this deal the less impressed I am with it. Here's a company with no micro experience buying a train wreck of a company with weak technology and impotent marketing experience.

My best guess is that they bought it for next to nothing except agreeing to keep Brian for some specified length of time as a somewhat familiar persona to the micro world. Sort of like when a company keeps the acquired company's sales manager until they pick his brains.

Hi louoates,

Veer and SV are both owned by Corbis.  This is a merger, not an acquisition.  The only thing that will go away is the SV website.

The Veer Marketplace review team is based in Seattle (same folks from SV) under Brian's leadership.  They are working hard with the Calgary team to transition everyone's images to Veer, and after that they will be uploading fresh images to Veer Marketplace using the new platform built by the same dev team here in Calgary, that built the Veer website.

The merger of SV images with Veer - a company that connects with creative professionals with its brand and marketing - is precisely why this is a great opportunity for micro contributors.

Stay tuned for February 23rd when the first batch of SV images go live on Veer Marketplace.
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« Reply #55 on: February 06, 2009, 18:02 »
   Good info. My comments underline the necessity of better information to the contributors right off the bat. Nobody is looking for secret info here, just a clear and logical explanation of what's to become of our images. The first emails were woefully short in that department. You made up for much of that in your comments above. Nobody here (I hope) wishes your venture ill.  I really, really, hope for the best this time around. We've had so much hype and disappointment the last few years my trigger finger is real twitchy.

« Reply #56 on: February 08, 2009, 04:52 »
Stay tuned for February 23rd when the first batch of SV images go live on Veer Marketplace.

What I haven't understood so far is if everyone on SV will have their accounts transfered, or Veer/SV will be choosing the members to be transferred.

Is there any clear answer to this I've missed?

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« Reply #57 on: February 09, 2009, 16:20 »
Dear SnapVillage Contributor,

[clipped out]

We also invite you to join the conversation about Veer Marketplace. Wed love to hear from you so register and create a profile to make sure as Veer Marketplace grows, we continue to meet your needs.

Please dont hesitate to contact us at [email protected] if you have any questions.

We want to thank you for your support of SnapVillage. Were looking forward to your potential participation at Veer Marketplace!

Right and this is what I got:

Hi. This is the qmail-send program at
I'm afraid I wasn't able to deliver your message to the following addresses.
This is a permanent error; I've given up. Sorry it didn't work out.

<[email protected]>:

Wrote and asked a question last week at the Veer website. No reply.

Someone tell me, what am I doing wrong?  ;D

Edit: I did get a reply from Brian, even though he is on vacation, after I posted this message. Always better to post the positive than just the negative. Thank you Brian.
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