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Introducing the Member Library Partner Program

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For the past five years, weíve been hard at work trying to marry the needs of our members and contributors with the Marketplace. Our vision was simple: contributors get 100% of what they earn, and our members get great content at a fair price.

But for our members, this was anything but simple. Understanding what did and didnít come with their subscription was complicated. It restricted their ability to play freely within projects, and we received overwhelming feedback that the Marketplace wasnít for them. At the same time, we tried balancing the needs of contributors with price increases and Marketplace visibility improvements.

We knew we could do better.

Thatís why Storyblocks is proud to announce the launch of the Member Library Partner Program! Itís easy to understand. Itís unrestrictive. And itís all in support of the Storyblocks mission: Helping a new generation of independent creatives to create more moving stories. Itís a great way for contributors to reach a new market of storytellers full of YouTube creators, freelance editors, and hobbyists. And itís an opportunity for our members to tell their stories without a big Hollywood production budget.

What is the Member Library Partner Program? Instead of paying for clips a la carte in the Marketplace, our members pay for a subscription to access content in our Member Library. We then create a Member Library Earnings pool, which we divide among all contributors who participate in the program based on how much of their content is downloaded.

You can learn more about how the Member Library Earnings pool is calculated here.

Over the past eight months, weíve been piloting the Partner Program and have proven that it can work for everyone: contributors, members and Storyblocks! Contributors on average are making 3x the amount that they ever earned through the Marketplace, and over 90% have chosen to stay in the Pilot Program.

The best part? Anyone can apply to join, thereís no commitment period, and your content remains non-exclusive so you can keep earning everywhere else you distribute content. If you try the Partner Program and arenít happy with your earnings, you can leave anytime. Itís your content, and you should be able to earn any way you can.

Starting today, our focus will be the Partner Program and we want you to share in its success! To learn more and apply, check out the details on our site.

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Got this email today...

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They must be kidding...


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VERY VERY STUPID if you participate - because not only will you canabalize your own sales - but it will affects your assets on OTHER agencies as THEY go into the race to the bottom... Then it becomes more or less how much can "churn" out - and only portfolios with say 20,000+ clips will really see the sales they want... or EXTREMELY unique and DESIRABLE content (which, is unlikely for most people).


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