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Is Storyblocks worth uploading video to?

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--- Quote from: SpaceStockFootage on March 01, 2021, 08:05 ---I make an average of about $1 per clip, per month.

--- End quote ---

That's pretty good.  But imagine if somebody pays $30/month and just download all your clips on StoryBlocks instead of buying them one by one on Pond5 or Adobe Stock.  That's why i never participate in unlimited download or cheap video subscription/membership business model.  If that's working well for you, that's good.  But I just don't do it.  I want to protect my products' price at certain level to protect my brand.

If they're subscribed to Storyblocks or are thinking about it, I think its pretty unlikely that me adding or removing my content from them is going to have a massive influence on that. The way I see it, although I may be wrong, is that your Pond5s and your Adobe's are for films, TV shows and advertising agencies who don't mind paying $79 a clip as the client is paying for it. Your Storyblocks and the like are more for Youtubers who want 100 clips for a video but can't afford afford $7900 for a video that's unlikely to generate that much from views.

While some who were paying $79 might now be taking advantage of the unlimited subscriptions which impacts our revenue, I feel there's just as big a market thats growing at a crazy rate who need affordable content.

From what I can see, sales at these subscription sites are in addition to sales at the regular sites... not at the cost of sales at the regular sites. It will affect it somewhat, but the growing market of content creators that have never shopped at the regular sites more than makes up for it.

If that makes sense? Cobbling this together on my phone while taking a smoke break from failing miserably at putting together an electric standing desk... so I apologise if its just a rambling wall of text.

Evaristo tenscadisto:
Storyblocks... pfff!

Getting unlimited downloads does not get us anywhere!

Besides there are people who use it to promote Affiliate marketing products almost for free on ytb. Recently Storyblocks join vidnami (video editor online) where people can use for 14 days trial and make videos. For 47$ a month the client create unlimited videos with a few clicks among 790,000 Storyblocks Video Clips

Imagine how much someone can produce/earn by promoting products of clickbank or other affiliate marketing agency while doing video almost for free....

Getting unlimited videos gives buyers an attractive product which makes me a decent amount of money every month as a result. As I produce content with the intention of making money, I'd say that's getting me somewhere.

Evaristo tenscadisto:
OK.  Don't know what decent money really means...
I suppose each one of us as its own value for that. please let me know if you buy a Ferrari with that.  ;D
Wish you well with that "system". 


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