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Many refunds at videoblocks (smells bad)

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I wanted to ask tou guys if you had this experience with videoblocks.
I am 6 months contributor at videoblocks and i had more then 10 refunds which inever had on any other agencies?
I start to fill that something is weird and so good.
I satrted with conspiracy theories that maybe they are saying to me that i have refund but they are keeping the money to themselves and basically no one can really know if ther was realy refund.
In all 5 years that i am in this industry i had maybe 2-3 refunds on all the sites together
Can someone calm me and say that i am just paranoid?

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Smells bad...

Never had a refund at Videoblocks...but to get 10?!?!?


Never had refund here also

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10 refunds in "how many" sales?


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