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Storyblocks - any signs of life?

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No downloads at all for weeks......


--- Quote from: PZF on May 05, 2019, 04:52 ---No downloads at all for weeks......

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Same here... started off well but they're obviously not bothered about people making money in the Marketplace. I removed all my footage from them this week and I'll be removing all my images as well... just need one more image sale this month for payout then they'll all go.

That's the other thing that boils my P*ss with them. You could have $100 cleared funds on footage and $20 in images and they won't payout the image sales until they pass their own $25 limit. This of course makes it easier for them to hold onto money longer and make a stack of cash from all the interest. Very underhand.

1 sale this month,used to have from 10 to 20....they have become worth anymore...

Almost everyone is reporting the same. I've had one sale this year compared to about 6 per month previously. Considering their promises of good things to come after the commission change, I wonder if they're feeling highly embarrassed by what's happened or if that was what they expected all along? At this stage they can only be viewed as a good bit of money while it lasted.

Having a portfolio that is something like 99% photos, I never got a single sale in almost two years... Funny thing: they keep on displaying a popup asking me if I would recommend Videoblocks...


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