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I was good for a couple of years

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Well, they are being consistent.

I guess they have enough content and don‘t really need much more.

Things are taking a turn for the worse at Storyblocks. What a strange, out of left field decision.
You'd think they'd communicate this upfront when announcing the Partner Program, instead they chose to mention this 1 month prior to closing down...

Their reasoning is strange as well: "Less than 5% of our members were purchasing from the Marketplace, ultimately hurting contributors who were not able to earn enough"
In other words: we close it down so you won't earn anything at all.

The short notice also a big f_ you to those who were still uploading actively to the Marketplace. Lots of time wasted.

The marketplace was great for most contributors and got footage to clients at a lower price than other sites while giving us a fair comission. I feel a huge opportunity is wasted and our time to upload and keyword content which I count in the hundreds of hours is now useless. Feel betrayed and forced to join a program that will pay pennies. How is that good for contributors? It may be good for SB as an Amazon Prime like business model and for buyers with a buffet of content for peanuts, but for us it is a path to insolvency in an already harsh market.

Some people uploaded thousands of files. And many people had good sales.

I only have 300 clips but had regular sales until last November.

Is having content online such a burden? They could have closed the upload,but kept the files.

One marketplace less, is a loss for contributors. But I suppose they have all the content they want and enough feeder agencies to keep going, probably mostly large production houses who upload high volume.


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