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Tax Withheld rate change?


I am getting a tax withheld rate today of $14.15 for a HD clip sales. Yesterday and all sales before it the tax withheld rate was $2.36. Anyone else getting this?

same here, I asked VB about it and got email back that they are updating  Tax API and tax percentages have temporarily been reset and that this is temporary error and soon everything would be fixed - we'll see :)

got same problem and just wrote them an email lets see what happens

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Same here!  I am posting my response so you all are informed without the need to contact them. This should be fixed soon:

"We’re actually in the process of updating our Tax API to make workflows smoother. Since we have to port all forms, tax percentages have temporarily been reset until our team can update each account. You’ll still receive your reduced withholdings and get the 100% commission, so you can disregard this commission error in the email and your Finance page as we’ll update these commissions to reflect the right numbers as soon as possible. Thanks!"



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