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--- Quote from: Mantis on February 13, 2015, 09:03 ---I am interested. In addition to the above, what kind of content are you looking for. I have everyday run of the mill stuff and animations.  Are you looking for 5-30 second clips? Also, at $49 you'd be cutting SS by almost twice.  Are you concerned that this will start a price war? I mean, look art Bigstock. They are giving away videos.

One more thing.  There are a couple of new players here: Dissolve, Motion Elements, and Revostock.  I am on all three, none really generate any income for me, although I only have 450 video clips.  What is your USP? I have to look at this from the lens of Pond5 who does generate income. $49 is a fair price and comparable to what I price my clips at, but I need more sales because micro stock photos is killing me. 

I suspect there is a fee (no I haven't checked out the site, Im leaving to work).  Can you elaborate? How can you possible give contributors 100% if there is not a membership fee? And if there is a membership fee you need to build that into your calculator.

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A lot of your questions are answered on their webpage, when you do get a chance to look at it:

Apparently there is a membership fee that people are already paying (I think; that isn't quite clear to me). But as I wrote above, that does mean that the agency in this case has no incentive to sell our clips at the quoted prices, and could (in theory) promote them heavily and often. I'm not at all saying they'd do that, just that the CLA allows it.

Revostock may be new to you, but they were one of the first sites to sell stock videos on the web, starting in 2006.

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Off topic: why does this threads have link rot buttons instead of agree / disagree ?


--- Quote from: Semmick Photo on February 13, 2015, 10:53 ---Off topic: why does this threads have link rot buttons instead of agree / disagree ?

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I was wondering the exact same thing.


--- Quote from: Semmick Photo on February 13, 2015, 09:10 ---Zach, I just read the licence terms, but it seems you dont accept editorial content? Is that correct?

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Forgot to mention: On the same page I linked to above, they mention that if you don't include a release with a submission that they believe should have one, they will either reject it or accept it as editorial. So I believe they do accept some editorial content.

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Cool, I might give it a go then


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