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Hi all,

I'm Zach Bernstein, the head of content at VideoBlocks. If our name is unfamiliar, we've been around for about five years as a subscription-based stock footage agency.

We're excited to announce that we've added a marketplace component to our business model. The marketplace is layered on top of our existing subscription content, a lot like Amazon Prime. This is a different kind of business model for the stock media industry, and we think it's one that massively benefits both buyers and sellers. Because we profit from our memberships, we're able to give 100% of the marketplace sales to contributors. We think you deserve it, and we're excited to support your success.

You can find out more details and start submitting content at:

To answer a few common questions:

1. We accept 4K and HD content. 4K is priced at $199, and HD is priced at $49.

2. We automatically downsize 4K to produce a HD version.

3. Everything you upload is published to the marketplace only. Your files won't end up in our subscription library.

4. The marketplace opens to buyers in April 2015. Currently, we're filling the library with content.

If you've got any questions or feedback, feel free to post in this thread or contact our support team at:
contributor [at] Thanks!


The VideoBlocks vs. Shutterstock "earnings calculator" is cute, but really, do you think that someone who sells 50 videos on SS in a typical month would also sell 50 videos on VideoBlocks? That would be great, but I'm doubtful it's likely.

I'm not one to read CLAs closely (shame on me, I know), but clause 2.5 worries me:
2.5 Promotions. We may, from time to time, run promotions for Members and we may include your Content as part of such promotions.  You agree and acknowledge that  such promotions may affect the amount of Revenue you receive for specific Content.

That's very broadly written, and seems to allow for potential abuse (going as far as giving away our content for free). After dealing with Getty for years, and seeing what SS is doing with some of their (our) content on BigStock, I lean towards not trusting agencies any more. And in a case where the agency has zero financial incentive to sell our product (i.e., VideoBlocks makes the same -- zero -- whether our content is sold at $199, $49, or $0), the danger is multiplied.

Just my 2c.

Hello Zach.
Will videoblocks be the seller?
I am asking because I am worried about who is going to pay VAT for EU-non-business-buyers.

I am interested. In addition to the above, what kind of content are you looking for. I have everyday run of the mill stuff and animations.  Are you looking for 5-30 second clips? Also, at $49 you'd be cutting SS by almost twice.  Are you concerned that this will start a price war? I mean, look art Bigstock. They are giving away videos.

One more thing.  There are a couple of new players here: Dissolve, Motion Elements, and Revostock.  I am on all three, none really generate any income for me, although I only have 450 video clips.  What is your USP? I have to look at this from the lens of Pond5 who does generate income. $49 is a fair price and comparable to what I price my clips at, but I need more sales because micro stock photos is killing me. 

I suspect there is a fee (no I haven't checked out the site, Im leaving to work).  Can you elaborate? How can you possible give contributors 100% if there is not a membership fee? And if there is a membership fee you need to build that into your calculator.

Semmick Photo:
Zach, I just read the licence terms, but it seems you dont accept editorial content? Is that correct?


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