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We need to help videoblocks to grow

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I think videoblocks is once in a decade site that pays the contributor 100% from sales.
We need to put all the effort to make them grow so other sites will see that we the contributors are the most valuable assets for them and they must pay us much more than 20/30/50 %
Without us they are nobody.
I must say that i had untill now such a positive experience with videoblocks. The staff talk to you like ahunan been and not like anunber.
They pay your earnings on rhe 15th without deelays.
They are absolutely great.
Its anout time to say the big agencies like shutter/getty/pond5 "there's anew player in this game"

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Very slippery slope.

Cider Apple:
Honestly you guys! Why support an agency which undercuts every single other. R u all wishing for video clips to soon be under $10 as you are supporting a pricing war???

You say wow u get 100% yippee the world is a wonderful place!...  but I say whats 100% of nothing???

They have wholly owned content, so I don't really see how the two different models can be compared?  100% seems good but how does this work in the long term if they keep growing their wholly owned content?

I'm quite happy with Pond5, 50% and letting me set my own prices.

I am doing my part by uploading new content constantly.  13,000 new clips and counting.

I am not so sure they are undercutting, they are offering customers a choice, I have my content on three sites at three price points and guess what, P5 and VB are doing fantastic, SS is still in third place.

Not everyone can afford to pay high prices but for me as a contributor the sales volume at VB plus the 100% commission makes it worth it and now I don't feel guilty about shutting out customers with smaller budgets.

I also think different customers go to different sites and stay with them, my P5 sales beat my VB sales 2:1 last month and those customers had no problem paying $200 per clip. 

Maybe all the agencies should raise the price to $200? I don't know. I'm dead against the race to the bottom but high volume of sales and 100% commission sure make it an easier pill to swallow.

I hope fixed rate agencies don't go any lower, the race to the bottom can be eliminated very easily by slowly....or not so slowly inching the prices upwards just like every other product these days.  We have to remember this is a business just like a grocery store and prices aren't going down there.


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