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What kind of images sell on Yay?

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I have about 750 images on Yay.  I started uploading them about a year ago.  I have had one sale since then.

Meanwhile on SS.... the same images, over the same period of time.... 800 sales.

Does this site just have incredibly low sales OR are they looking for a specific kind of image?
which images sell? none!

except those involved in the partner programme - at least they say (I'm not there)

I sell a few on the main yay site but they are one of the lowest selling I use.  They don't need a special type of images, just more buyers.  Graphic leftovers are more promising and have shown it is still possible for a small new site to get some sales going.

I have less than 300 pics on Yay for less than a year, and 10 sales. That is better than most of the other low earners for me. I guess they have some Norwegian buyers for my Norwegian pictures. :)

In my experience nothing sells - literally!
I've only a small port but zero sales in about 12 months while on other sites things are going fine....
Re the Partner Scheme, to be eligible you have to have a port of a certain size. Anyway, good luck if you do go with them - but don't expect much and you won't be disappointed!


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