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Good question I'm in same boat 😊

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I dont have very many images there, but never opted into the streaming thing - just a slap in the face for contributers
If they are sutomatically going to move content into this streaming service, I am pulling out altogether

Even the stupid little micros are crapping on contributers...

I will be doing the same if we don't get a reasonable set amount per subscription download.
Unfortunately I am stuck on $24 and not likely to make payout next year at my normal rate of sales here.


--- Quote from: Justanotherphotographer on December 30, 2015, 07:38 ---
Since we launched the new subscription site two years ago, it has become very popular and today brings in by far the vast majority of YAY’s revenue.

--- End quote ---

Well, we wouldn't want to mess up YAY's revenue.  ;)

There was a lot of discussion here when Yay first introduced this Yay Images subs/streaming site a couple of years ago -link here:
I opted in to see what happened but, as I stated on the recent Yay Micro -is it alive? thread, I have had virtually no sales (subs or otherwise) in recent years.
I was probaly going to stop uploading anyway but had hoped the odd sale from my remaining images (circa 2400) would add up to a payout now and again.
What concerns me is that none of my editorial images (the majority of my port) appear on the Yay Images site. Though it has an Editorial and Celebrity category none of my editorials are searchable and I can only find around 700 (non editorial) images if I search on my username.
So, does this mean that all my time uploading editorials to Yay has been wasted? Hopefully, Yay will respond here with some more information.


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