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--- Quote from: Microstock Posts on June 03, 2020, 13:50 ---
--- Quote from: Noedelhap on June 03, 2020, 11:00 ---In the light of Shutterstock's cash grab, YayImages now sounds like an interesting deal. I might actually look into uploading now!

--- End quote ---

Downloads of 2.5 cents and 5 cents with YayImages.
They acted far earlier than ss in giving tiny amounts, but no uproar as they're not popular.

--- End quote ---

That was 4 years ago, they've got new management and reopened.

Only single sales on demand sounds good to me and I would give it a try (if all great content would only be on demand and not in sub packs we could get stock back to a decent pricing).

But looking at their website I only find this

"Buy quality stock images and vectors with a one time credit pack purchase or by monthly subscription."

Still subs.

Where is that on demand stuff they´re talking about?


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