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"Thank you for supporting YAY by licensing your images through our YAY Micro website.

We’re writing to ask you to make your images available at our new website  Starting January 1, 2016 we will stop selling images at YAY MIcro and direct all our customers to the new site, and we’d love to be able to license your images.

Here’s how to opt-in:

    login at

    go to My Account

    select API Details

"Since we launched the new subscription site two years ago, it has become very popular and today brings in by far the vast majority of YAY’s revenue. has an improved search experience, convenient editing features for customers, and a fresh, modern interface.

We will send all image customers to the new site to help us focus our business. Yaymicro will continue to be the place for contributors like you to login and submit your images.

Thanks again for sharing your images with the world via YAY!"

About time really. I think this yayimages is their terrible streaming thing? I can't remember the compensation but I do remember that it was awful.

Anyone got the links to the breakdown of their subs offering. Can't find it now.

So, can anyone tell me what we the contributors actually get paid for these unlimited streaming downloads. Do we actually get paid for them or do we get our 50% cut of nothing.

Okay, I think it supposed to be 50% of whatever they get depending on how many images the subscriber uses. All far too vague for my liking, there needs to be a minimum in place per download. Anyone been opted in for a while that can tell us how much they average for these sales?

Reading over the previous thread the "streaming" thing is definitely a misnomer, these are just standard sub sales under another name and we need to be compensated appropriately.

Can someone from YAY chime in? I will need to delete my many thousands of images from the site if the offering is as it appears, and would rather save myself the hassle if they are about to offer something more reasonable.

Sooo if I have €25 and they min pay is €30 and now they're closing - how do I get this money from them?


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