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YAY - very strange - do they close down?


Some time ago I wrote to YAY the following -

7 months without even ONE image sale???
Out of portfolio of 4162 images.
Does it seem normal???

It took them a long time to answer -

I believe your portfolio has been hit by the transition to yayimages. A lot of (most of) our sales come from people buying an image after finding it on Google Images. After we transitioned into, Google has only indexed about 1/4 of the images - and from what I can see, not your portfolio. In addition your portfolio has a bit too low boost, which is the rate the search algorithm gives results from. I can see if I can get an approver to look into your portfolio and see if you deserve a higher boost. Sometimes we change these things manually.

I understand your confusion, and you have done nothing wrong. Two years ago we decided to switch from yaymicro to YAY Images as our customer portal in order to switch to a subscription model. All images (almost) from yaymicro are available on YAY Images, and YAY Images is the only website we run where customers can buy images. We have not yet made a new photographer website, so images must still be uploaded to yaymicro - from where they'll automatically appear on YAY Images. Therefore photographers don't need a login to YAY Images. Any sales will show up on your yaymicro account.

So, to answer your first questions:
1.Do I have to register to the new web site? No.
2.Do I have to opt-in? If yes' how? Nope. It's already done.
3.Is there anything I should do (what?) or should I leave things as they are and you will move all my content to the new web site? Nope.

In regards to sales, I can't say anymore than I've already done. You've been hit hard by the transition, but hopefully sales will pick up over the coming months as Google is hard at work indexing our images now. Therefore, I can only advice you to have a little more patience and I'm confident sales will pick up over the next few months.

Here is my reply -

Still some things are not clear to me.

1.What does it mean - "You've been hit hard by the transition"... - By checking my images I can see that in YAY Micro I have a total of 4223 images - while in the new site I have 3893 images - this is less 10% - so what do you mean by saying - HIT HARD?

2.What does it mean that Google is indexing images? How customers in the new web site search for images? Is it by using Google Images or is it by using the site search engine?

3.What about your offer to promote my images in your social media?

4.I do not understand how in the old model or web site I managed to make sales and almost nothing in the new web site?

I would look in some Microstock related forums what other contributors are saying about the new web site.

Here is the reply -

1. I didn't mean the number of images. Most of your images are on as well, except the editorial images. I mean that your images are not indexed in Google Images on That means that customers searching for images on Google Images will not find your images, which is a significant loss in traffic.

2. Most of our new customers come from Google Images, and a lot of them buy a small amount of images that they've found on Google Images. Since all images have not been indexed by Google (including yours), it means that you are missing out on these customers. Previously registered customers will of course search the website directly, so that's the only chance you have of getting sales.

3. I'll remind Irina about this. She's responsible for that.

4. Again: Your images on yaymicro was indexed and mostly found through Google.

I have to admit that I am confused!
Are you also confused?
Any comments?
Should I keep uploading to them or not?
I mean - thousands of images and no sales for 8 months!!!

Mr Nobody:
why are you wasting your time with them? I would rather pick weeds in my lawn (more fun)... 8)


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