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I have recently joined this mob. They are a few people that used to work for Scanpix and have establised this site in Norway.

I understand they have got funding from the Norwegian Government to assist in establishing the site.

The main people are, Linda Lægreid Johannessen, Jan Ole Kjellesvig, Roger Bystrøm.


I checked out the site a few weeks ago and found that it was slick indeed. I've uploaded 57 images there and will probably do more once the site search is available to buyers.

  You can upload any number using their simple regular process. Fast and easy. I haven't tried their separate FTP feature yet but I hear it works fine.

  I find that I really need a site to complain about and since LO's demise I'm investing my future angst toward Yay should they earn that privilege in the next few months.

I've uploaded a few via FTP and it works like a dream, they are nice people to deal with and I'm looking forward to the June launch by which time I'll hopefully have finished uploading my portfolio.

They seem to be making the right announcements regarding future marketing, but like all time will tell.

I uploaded my images too. They have a very friendly/positive/helpful attitude at YAY Micro. They listening very well to the suggestion in the forum. Problems are attacked and resolved limitedly. I can't wait for them to open the doors in June.

Even their Java uploader works great for me, and "nothing Java" has ever worked right for me anywhere. Always get some kind of stupid warning box, or it locks up etc. Yes, have all updates installed.

FTP works great too. So far this site has given me the least headaches as far as uploading. If I have just a few, I usually use the Flash uploader. A whole bunch and I dump into the FTP and go get some coffee. When I come back tey're done and waiting for me to click them off to Pending land.

Yaymicro is also a member of Kiva


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