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All Uploads STOPPED at Zymmetrical!

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So I registered today on Zymmetrical, to see what the hype is about...

I saw this notice, below.
I'm just wondering when we will be able to upload??

Notice -  May-05-09:

Due to the unworkable volume of uploads from members who are not reading instructions and/or submitting large batches of unedited content, we are unfortunately forced to pause uploads. Uploading is currently disabled for all members (including FTP and the web forms) until we put online a new system with stricter, defined rules and penalties for those who do not 'play fair'.

All files already in the system should be described and submitted to our reviewers as normal.

For the vast majority of members who have been uploading quality content in a practical way- sorry for this inconvenience, however we cannot let a minority of members use up business resources in an unlimited way. Thank you for your patience as we revise the system and the policies.

- Keith Tuomi
CEO Flyerstarter Services Ltd.

I registered yesterday, but no uploads..

Greetings earhlings!

Clever move Keith!

Just make them upload no more than 5-10 images and that would be it!

They should restrict those with a high rejection rate but let those who have good quality images continue uploading.  Other sites are starting to do that.  I don't think halting uploads for all of us is a good decision.

Thanks for your patience, all I can say is it's a temporary pause, the resume date is not finalized - we are working to implement new methods for keeping things fair for everyone-  The message on the site pretty much should say it all - most people are reasonable enough to be selective about their uploads, a minority are not - and those people should not be taking away resources from you folks.       

The temporary pause also allows us to take a step back and measure site activity on the technical side - with the 'production line' shut down we can accurately do a checkup on system resources, which is also a factor (in addition to reviews/marketing/legal/etc. overhead) in how much one member can be permitted to submit.


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