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We started off many moons ago with (2003 to be specific, here is the earliest Waybackmachine archive -, as a design template portal focused on ready-made graphics for beginners to easily edit and send to the printshop.

With a lot of work and a lot of helpful editorials and word-of-mouth (Communications Arts Advertising Annual 2004 piece below), we have grown steadily.

Now, after years of effort we are seeing big increases in earnings for our designers. The more content that goes in, the more sales come out - in much more than a 1:1 fashion.

This is a call to all .EPS vector designers - if you can come up with good-looking, near-print ready templates you can make sales immediately. The same terms as Zymmetrical: 70% in your pocket, no-hassle low payouts, and great support.

Simply login to with your Zymmetrical account (or register new if you haven't worked with us before), check out the specs, and get designing - whether you are recycling old client prototypes or designing directly for us, you can ask anyone who has sold through Flyerstarter, it is well worth the time invested.

In response to an email inquiry (might save the same questions from having to be asked by others):

- We started off with club/music templates, and have a strong customer base in that format. Double-sided, A4 or A5, with contemporary graphics. Basically, the ones in the slideshow on the homepage would be the most popular style. Earlier this year we decided to expand the format offerings - so some of the categories are a bit sparse right now.   Basically we need it all - it doesn't have to be 'edgy' or nightclub-style, but should probably not going past contemporary business graphics in terms of concepts. A business card with some balloons/fluffy bunnies might be out of place at present. :)   The site is currently more display than search oriented so we don't want to go overboard with new themes as patience might wear thin with the clients.

So please, fill 'er up - we do especially need content in those new categories in order to gain momentum, but any of the listed formats would be great. Flyerstarter has been neglected a bit at the expense of the Zymmetrical launch, now thing's are smoothing out it's time to get back to our first project.

Interesting concept, I'll take a further look later, but one suggestion is to include PPT templates.  Or is there no demand for those?

Sure there's always a demand in each major format segment. In my personal view, PPT is in a tough position these days: the basic problem beginners have, is they make a presentation, they don't know how to downsize images appropriately, and end up with some monstrous 60MB .PPT that they have no means of sharing easily. There's been a lot of successful startups recently that work as an online Powerpoint substitute. 
Without giving away the farm too much, let's just say we recognize that the software requirements and portability are a major hindrance to beginner clients. We have some project's in the works that will overcome this and allow clients to output to a variety of formats.  Also in the works is more cross-selling from Zymmetrical: presenting related photos and graphics from Zymmetrical with a discount or bulk-purchase option - so you buy a basic design and then get presented with options to fill it in with. Up till now it's been just a link "hey, why not check out some photos from Zymmetrical..".  What is coming will Amazon-style related "product" matching.   

Hi Keith!

Is it possible to sell web templates such as layered photoshop (PSD) templates and coded XHTML/CSS templates as well, through our agency or site?


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