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Forced account termination

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No defamation intended. I really admire your portfolio on Istock!

while they have the right to do whatever they want on their site, it has always amazed me how certain stock sites are more than willing to cut their noses off to spite their face. I would really like to know what you said that got you cut off. bad move on their part - they should have just ignored you - instead, some bruised ego gave you the boot...shame on them.

shades of fotolia.

How do we know what happened without hearing their side of the story?  They have been great to deal with for me, they usually respond to questions here more than any of the other sites.  I hope they can reply about this, some people have been removed from sites in the past because they made comments they probably shouldn't of.


--- Quote from: nata_rass on November 23, 2009, 03:27 ---Kindergarten for sure.
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I'd like to hear Keith's version first.

I have to ask this in all honesty, who is Zymmetrical? And does it matter? They are probably doing you a favour by freeing up some time for you.


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