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Zymmetrical requires now the selection of a category and a minimum of 10 keywords.

I don't mind the keywords but adding categories slows the process down too much.  I don't mind doing it for sites that make me a lot of money but zym is still a relatively low earner and I don't want to spend much time uploading.  Is is really necessary for us to select categories for each image?

Something needs to be done to balance out resources. We're not prepared to cut the commission rate nor impose upload quantity limits. When some people upload 1000 images with no categories, our staff sits there plunking them in, while others who participate fully, must wait because of that.   It was inconsistent and this became more apparent as we scaled.

Categorization is and always has been an essential element in online stock and in general, product selling - why do you think and feature in the most prominent position on their sites - yep, categories.  It is unfortunate the importance of categories has been downplayed by elements of microstock, in the rush to appease contributors and hit X million images in the libraries.  We are, however, not microstock by definition - no subscriptions, flat commission rate, no tiered earnings, so on and so forth - as Sbotas asked a while ago, "what makes zymmetrical different so that people should pay higher prices" - enhanced metadata is one part of this offering.

Anyhow - i'm not going to try and sell you on how fun it is to categorize, I know we generally all could think of more interesting things to do, so i'm happy to say that enforcing the category selection is a short-term measure only - we are testing some code that uses image recognition and other factors to auto-categorize the images. So when you select an image in "Describe" it will have the most likely category already assigned - as soon as we get the tolerance percentage high enough, we will put it on online.

I agree with Keith!

Keywords are one way how to separate what you are looking for,and categories are another way...

I like Zymmetrical, more than any other midstock site!?

Also I still think that midstock sites should build a clear presentation what is different and/or better between midRF and micRF...
New brand rises from the crowd...

"Maybe rabbit is lying in that bush..."  ;)

A few sites try to auto-categorize but I don't think it works well enough.  I don't like spending time picking categories for an image that is then rejected.  I wouldn't mind so much adding categories after an image has been accepted.  I am not convinced categories are worth it and there are higher priced sites like alamy that don't use them and sell more than zym, so any way of saving us time would be appreciated.


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