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Well I am a sucker for a smoothly delivered web app that does what it says and is easy to use: I found after checking out Isyndica from an MSG ad (also seems like a very well implemented solution).       

It is something like the format of except for sharing, voting up or down suggestions (or bug reports).   For a few months we have had something like this on our 'Labs' page, but much more spartan - same voting capability but less pretty and not as flexibile.   This version is much easier to sign up, comment on, track, and see statuses from the admins like 'started' or 'completed'.

The MSG forum is great for posting ideas, our own suggestion forum is great, calling us is great, but of course every idea cannot see the light of day..and more importantly it's hard to keep a focus on what's in demand with so much going on every day.       

So, want a new feature, or something is really bugging you - just pop it on It's quick and painless (and anonymous too, if you're nice about it).


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