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i assume there might be a slight problem on your side...

I had a rejection with the same reason (""This image is a duplicate of an image you have already submitted. Please do not resubmit it again"), for file ID # 356113.

I double (and triple-)checked, both in my own accounting and on your website this file cannot be found in neither the accepted nor the rejected files.

As to using the support channels on the website: I sent a question there a few weeks ago (can't say when exactly, and the ticket can't be found on the website itself...) and never received any feedback...

Sometimes it looks as though asking here gets far quicker responses...


In the email you sent to us at the same time as posting here, you explained the issue better, and you are right - it is not the intended outcome. We recently installed new duplicate image checking steps, based on "has this member uploaded a file with this exact name before", and other elements - your re-submission, although requested, tripped the warning for the reviewers that it was a duplicate.

It is suggested that any images resubmited should have a versioned filename - for example, "myimage.jpg" would become "myimage-isolationfixed.jpg" - this would normally be part of an organized workflow, helping both you and us keep track of fixes to an image. In your case, it does not make sense to "version" the filename based on a model release being missing (missing metadata) - so, we will fix this with full priority, so reviewers can have the info available to make the correct decision.

The support channels are the quickest method, and less prone to confusion. We have recently removed the front-end support ticket system in favor of a simple contact form, to speed thing's up. There should be no outstanding tickets, but I will have a look and contact you with the findings.

Thanks to all for patience - people uploading dupes is a problem and we make adjustments to deal with the it and keep things fair for everyone.


--- Quote from: ZymmMan on August 25, 2008, 08:32 ---Every rejection has an explanation.
--- End quote ---
I can only second that.

Microstock Posts:
And just when my stuff was starting to be accepted on Zymm, they shut shop lol. Thanks Keith for all the time you spent here, I wish some other agencies could take a leaf out of your book.


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