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Zymmetrical increases commision to 70%

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Here is the press release :, the first midstock digital art marketplace announces 70% royalty for all contributors.

October 9, 2007. New York, NY, For immediate release : Zymmetrical, the first and leading midstock digital art marktplace is now offering its past and present contributors an amazing 70% on their sales. Already ground breaking with the launch of its auto suggest search feature more than a year ago, Zymmetrical continues to innovate at a rapid pace. Contributors get to set there own prices on any art they submit to a marketplace visible in 8 different languages. The site itself is optimized to be the best friend of all the search engines worldwide, making it an unmistakable destination for anyone looking to purchase royalty free content.  With a wide offering of fonts, clips, graphic and photography, Zymmetrical has quickly become the number one resource center for visual professionals around the world. Its state of the art ranking system, Zyrank, paired with creative search algorithms allows anyone to quickly locate the right content for the job.  With prices fitting the budget conscious buyer while still allowing contributors to make a living, it is setting new standards in the industry. It can be found at

About Zymmetrical : Founded in 2006 by Keith Tuomi who already had found success with, it is the first ever midstock digital visual art marketplace in the world. It offers, in 8 different languages, fonts, videos, graphics and photography. Contributors set their own price for their royalty free content and buyers can choose from a wide array of worldwide offering. Continuously updated with new content , it has quickly become an invaluable destination for the budget conscious unwilling to compromise with quality. Zymmetrical is based in Vancouver and has an office in New York.

Is this a long term thing, or is it temporary due to the lack of photos on the site (1,773)?

Some of us still remember remember this thread:

Ah, yes...such fond sweet memories of that thread  :D.  Well, in fairness to them, they seem to be actually putting some serious work into their site, even though they still somewhat lack contributors.  Everyone has to start somewhere.  Perhaps their concept may be worth checking out.  Although I think at this point it's a gamble.  I believe it does say something for microstock that they're actually back here soliciting once again.  Maybe the quality of our work actually makes us worth courting??  Imagine that!

Ten out of ten for effort.

But is anyone here a member? Any personal experiences to relate? And ... more important ... any sales? 70% of 0 is 0

That thread, with its sneaky 'encouragement' did not exactly encourage me to submit, coupled with the fact that they have a tiny image base. I did a search on 'business' and it threw up 12 images, most of which weren't terribly relevant. For me, at the moment, it doesn't seem worth the effort.

It's tough setting up in this business now. Good luck!

I might consider uploading if they paid me.  There are too many sites already and that previous thread puts me off.


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