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--- Quote from: WarrenPrice on January 23, 2009, 14:50 ---
--- Quote from: sharpshot on January 23, 2009, 14:21 ---I sold a few in August, September and October last year but nothing since.  I uploaded new photos and thought the site might be going places but this is disappointing.  Anyone getting any sales?

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Are you doing any better at Cutcaster?

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No, I had two sales there a few months ago and nothing since but the site hasn't been around as long and I will give them some time.

$125 all up but

last sales were 3 in oct and before that was july

they are still being uploaded to, but high rejections particularly when it can be a long time from when they transfer from ftp, so you basically dont know when to go back and check that model releases are attached, keywords uploaded etc (so I stopped bothering and those ones just get rejected)


Phil sorry about the inconvenience, I've got some new web servers being put together as I write this that will allow us to finally make the FTP a fluid process. Not limiting peoples uploads comes at the expense of requiring more system resources.   Some previous attempts to make the FTP > Queue virtually instantaneous came at the expense of other processes.. so now we are simply throwing hardware at the problem to ensure the load can be handled.

Also, I know you and some others have graphics waiting for a long time- these are starting to move now, and will shortly be reviewed at the same tempo as the photos.


How was the first quarter of 09 for everyone?  I don't have time for slow earners right now, but I've definitely got my eye on this place.

I only had one sale, in January, but then my portfolio at Zymm is very small.


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