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Anyone still getting big sales on Alamy?

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2 months ago I had a 365$ one and it cleared but these are an exception nowadays.

I had 300$ sale in August, and 119$ + 50$ (if you consider that a big sale) in September - gross amounts ofcourse, but mostly under 50$ mark and lots of sales under 10$, especially those distributors sales.


Jo Ann Snover:
I took a look, and the last big sales at Alamy were in January 2020 - one for $250 and one for $292 (gross). For the rest of the year they've all been under $50 (gross) with a low point of $3.11 in October :(

I had a $190 sale in August, that was refunded on Nov 4, and repurchased for $50 same day. That $50 sale was then refunded on Nov 5, and then repurchased again for $50 also on the 5th. The terms appear to be the same.


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