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Anyone still getting big sales on Alamy?

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With peoples latest reports on sales on Alamy, all I'm hearing about is very low prices these days. And I had two sales there recently myself. Both of them were fairly low. Are the big sales becoming an extremely rare occurrence? I admit I'm reluctant to put the work in and submit on a regular basis because sales in general are very rare. And it seems that these days, if you are lucky enough to have a sale, it's likely that it's just going to a few dollars.

There are still big sales, mainly for live News, but sometimes/occasionally for general stock. My own sales tend to be lower value, though.

Define "big sale", bigger than $50/100/1000? Iīve got a $120 last month ($48 net), but my sales are mostly below $20

Just often enough to keep me there.

Their opaque methods of reporting earnings galls me, but, once I sort out what they actually are, it's decent.

This year on A Iíve had Many low $X sales, they comprise the majority of my sales this year. I havenít had a single $XXX sales this year, whereas last year and previous Iíve had a handful each year
However Iíve also had several $XX sales in between - which honestly in this market is still descent and makes A worthwhile

couple years ago I did have an $XXXX sale - but those are very rare, but itís always possible and a nice surprise if/when it happens

So all in all, A is still worthwhile for me and certainly a lot less disappointing than having penny sales from the likes of SS - which Iíve deactivated since June


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