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Aaron Booth:
Hey there, if you're a non-exclusive contributor to Dissolve, then you'll be receiving an email from us today about a price update. Posting it here as well, let me know if you have any questions.



Hi to all our non-exclusive contributors,
We take pride in the amazing experience our customers have with Dissolve — from collection quality to customer service to competitive and consistent pricing. So when content at Dissolve is available at a lower price elsewhere, we match that price.
This week, we’ll be adjusting pricing on HD clips in affected collections to match pricing found elsewhere (to a minimum of $49). For example, if the minimum price of your HD collection is $79 on another site, it will be priced at $79 on Dissolve.
If you have any questions about this change, please contact products (at) And if you start licensing your footage elsewhere at a lower price, let us know so we can ensure your collection on Dissolve is priced for the marketplace.
Dissolve products team

I'm already comfortably seated and popcorn is ready :D

Oh boy this is going to get ugly.
Would dissolve mind explaining to us exactly how they will know if some of the clips at dissolve are being offered at a lower price in other agencies?
And this 49usd price....
You guys are doing this to prevent people from uploading to videoblocks perhaps or am i just being paranoid?
Will you also match the commissions of these other sites too?
What about if we offer hd clips at 149-199 on other sites?Will you match price there as well?

Yet another agency tightening the screws on contributors rather than offering fair marketing strategies!

It may backfire on Dissolve since videoblocks pay 100% commission and Pond5 50%. If Dissolve drop to $49 but still try to pay only 30% commission this should lead to less uploads since contributors will rightly feel they are getting ripped off.


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