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Featurepics now does resizing

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Featurepics now allows resizing.  You have to opt in (though this can be done in bulk).    Prices are about 25% for small and 65% for medium.  I say about as i cant work out how they determined the price (they are not round percentages).

I think this is a good thing.  I have now allowed resizing for all my photos but have also increased the price so i get more for a big image and about the same for a medium image.

Hopefully this will drive customers to the site.


I saw the notice there, but didn't read the details (couldn't find much, in fact). 

I have high res (+6MPix), medium res (4MPix) and low res (2MPix) images there and I set various prices.  Do you know what they consider small/medium/large?


Ok their sizes are

600 x 800

1500 x 2000

2000 x 2667

2500 x 3456

(the second figure depends on the ratio of your photo)

a couple of examples

so if you had 9mp photo which you were selling for $3

size         % of original price  selling price

600 x 800        23%                    69c

1500 x 2000    58%                $1.74

2000 x 2667    77%                $2.31

2500 x 3456   100%              $3.00

Whereas a 4mp photos also sold at $3

size       % of original price    selling price

600x800         35%                    $1.06

1704x2272    100%                    $3.00

A bit strange, so if you are selling here it may be a good time to check your prices because they won't sell any photos for less than 50c (so you may have to raise your prices).

There are bulk utilites for changing the price of all your photos and for enabling the resize option.

I'm a bit screwed as I have almost 500 photos ranging from 1024 x 768 to 9mp so one price for all originals doesn't make sense. You can give all your images a set price or decrease/increase all your prices by a percentage

Madelaide your 6mp should have three sizes 800 x 600, 2000 x 1500 and original but the 4mp may only get two 600x 800 and original.

Strange they ignored the 2mp (1200 x 1600) option fairly standard everywhere except at Lucky Oliver.

Just found one of my illustrations that was 12 mp which illustrates the new sizes quite well

Though not my best illustration

So if you are shooting at 12mp you can get 5 sizes

Has anyone actually received a payment from these guys?

I have a few images on my own personal website linked to that image on Featurepics and other linked to StockXpert, i was thinkling of switching to FP as I can set the price get 70% and the buyer doesn't need to buy any credits.


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