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Author Topic: Intellectual Property Rejection of Image Created in Photoshop?  (Read 8676 times)

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« Reply #25 on: January 13, 2017, 17:08 »
To wrap this thread up I just got news from Adobe Stock that they are accepting the image!


« Reply #26 on: January 14, 2017, 02:33 »
Congratulations!  :)

It's a pain having to deal with silly rejections  :'(


« Reply #27 on: January 14, 2017, 11:06 »
To wrap this thread up I just got news from Adobe Stock that they are accepting the image!

Don't bother with forums on these matters, just take it up with the stock. It is usually either something small that can be easily fixed or a random rejection that can be appealed. However, if they consider it something major and you disagree, then there is no point getting all lawyery on them, because it's their business, and it's a liability that you've got to respect. Just make another illo. Arguments lead to frustration which leads to loss of productivity.

A few examples of those small things: a friend of mine had an illo that among other things was displaying a laptop with a circle on it. The "copyright infringement" was that, as they said, "it looks like an apple" [Mac logo]. The conversation went, "but it's not an apple, it's a circle" - "to some people that could look like an apple". So she changed it to a square or something and the illo was accepted. 

Another example - who would have thought that small details such as a fur-tree shaped air freshener in a drawn car or a smiley face as an icon on a smartphone could have a copyright protection? Apparently they do, so they were removed or replaced and the illos were accepted.

Happens to people all the time. Bottom line: ask the very people who rejected your illo why they rejected it, they will provide the best answer.

« Reply #28 on: January 14, 2017, 11:46 »
Some very grouchy people on this thread.  SSFs responses seemed reasonable enough to me.  Without looking at existing lottery tickets, how is it possible to create a realistic one.  I did this all the time in creating illustrative banking instruments, statements and fictitious screen displays for e-learning courses which obviously have to abide by IP law in a global marketplace.

The difference with stock is that IP law is completely irrelevant.  Most images rejected for IP violations do not violate IP law but contravene the risk-averse policy of the agency which is fine, its the agencys business decision.

The advice to ask the agency whats wrong with an image is a good idea (sort of).  I was much obliged to Fotolia/Adobe for explaining their policy on photographs of graffiti which was pretty clear.  Sadly, in subsequent submissions it never seemed to be applied by reviewers.  I just accept now with the five agencies I submit to that some will see an IP violation and others wont and dont waste time arguing about it.


« Reply #29 on: January 14, 2017, 18:09 »
So I created an image of a Lotto Ticket in Photoshop so real looking that it was rejected for Intellectual Property! What is the point in creating in Photoshop if your creations are only going to get rejected for being to real looking? My Lotto Ticket was accepted at SS, Alamy, 123rf and Dreamstime no problem. I even marked it as an Illustration when I submitted it.

How can I get past a reviewer who does not take the time to realize its not real?

Maybe someone from Fotolia or Adobe Stock on here will look at my case?

Create a property release for your original artwork and attach it. Sounds stupid but they will read that if they miss whatever note you added saying original art. How do you attach a note to the reviewer on FT? I'd use a release that just a note saying what you wrote, original artwork.


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