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« on: November 27, 2018, 05:50 »
Recently, when I log in to FT/AS I am asked to give consent for them to share info with a huge, long list of advertising type 'partners'.

It seems I can choose to opt out - but then the same page appears again.

So I guess no opt out....they can share any info they have with.....just about everybody?

Is that so?

« Reply #1 on: November 27, 2018, 16:26 »
I haven't seen anything like this. On Adobe Stock (contributor interface) I just went to look at Manage My Adobe ID (top right drop down) to see what privacy settings were there. There are some for how they may contact me - mail, phone email - and what newsletters/Adobe Create I want.

If there were some type of privacy settings, that is where I'd expect to see them. Perhaps this is rolling out over time and just hasn't reached all of us yet?

Did you get any email about this head of seeing the options? An explanation of what was changing would be nice.

In general I expect to opt out of sharing any information with anyone - in the US there are no privacy laws to speak of; you can't get back anything you've shared but no longer want to; and anyone who wants information is going to be selling to someone or using it to sell me something (which is already a massive nuisance, so why make it worse). This isn't just regarding Adobe, but anyone who wants to gather and keep information.

« Reply #2 on: November 27, 2018, 19:42 »
It may be an EU directive.

Cookies and other technologies
By clicking "Accept," you agree to the use of Adobe and third-party cookies and other similar technologies to enhance your browsing experience, analyze and measure your engagement with our content, and provide more relevant ads on Adobe websites and others. Learn more about your choices and cookies. You can withdraw your consent at any time.

When clicking choices I am asked if I want to be redirected to the UK site as opposed to the USA site, from here you get a pop up window with the info below.

Information we collect
Youre in charge of your information. Thats why we offer you choices about the data we and our partners collect and how we use it. Use the checkboxes below to manage your cookie preferences. To learn more, see the Adobe Privacy Policy.
Manage your cookie preferences
There are three categories of cookies and similar technologies we use:
Required: to provide core site functionality
Functional: to analyze site usage to measure and improve performance
Advertising: to enable Adobe and our partners to serve ads more relevant to your interests
Click to selectAdobe
Click to selectAdobe Marketing Cloud (Audience Manager)
Click to selectBeeswax
Click to selectBidTellect
Indirect opt-outBomboraOpt-out through company
Click to selectClearstream.TV
Indirect opt-outDotomiOpt-out through company
Indirect opt-outFlashtalkingOpt-out through company
Indirect opt-outGoogle Inc.Opt-out through company
Indirect opt-outLinkedInOpt-out through company
Indirect opt-outMedia Innovation GroupOpt-out through company
Indirect opt-outMediaMathOpt-out through company
Click to selectMicrosoft Advertising
Indirect opt-outOpenXOpt-out through company
Indirect opt-outQuantcastOpt-out through company
Indirect opt-outRadiumOneOpt-out through company
Click to selectRocket Fuel
Indirect opt-outRubicon ProjectOpt-out through company
Click to selectSpotXchange
Click to selectTapad
Indirect opt-outThe Trade DeskOpt-out through company
No opt-out providedAdobe Creative Cloud (Typekit)This partner does not provide a cookie opt-out
No opt-out providedEvidonThis partner does not provide a cookie opt-out
Click to selectAdobe Marketing Cloud (Analytics)
Click to selectAdobe Marketing Cloud (Target)
Indirect opt-outClickTaleOpt-out through company
Indirect opt-outIndex Exchange (Formerly Casale Media)Opt-out through company
No opt-out providediPerceptionsThis partner does not provide a cookie opt-out
Analytics Provider
Click to selectDemandbase

You have a choice to opt out of all giving the impression you have opted out of all, but the indirect ones you have to do individually.
On just one of those above (Dotomi) there are 81 companies to opt out of.

and if you clear your cookies you are automatically opted in again, because they put an opt out cookie on your browser.
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« Reply #3 on: November 27, 2018, 19:52 »
Wow! That's a lot of stuff (and no easy way to just opt out of all advertising options).

I expect you're right that it's not shown to US users. I'm assuming that's all pertinent to the US as well though, but we don't get to see any of it or opt out.

Thanks for clarifying

« Reply #4 on: November 27, 2018, 20:01 »
Clear your cookies after you leave an adobe site and you should be ok :) I won't be visiting very often.


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« Reply #5 on: November 27, 2018, 23:10 »
I would think that an Ad blocker would solve many issues like this.  :)


« Reply #6 on: November 28, 2018, 02:50 »
Yes, obj owl that is the HUGE list! NO prior warning/explanatio via email. Yes, could be the EU data protection thing... :(
I opt out but the list...keeps returning.
Seems completely OTT and while an ad blocker will catch some/most I still don't really all these guys getting my data. Will continue to opt out.


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