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Author Topic: Same images across different sites?  (Read 4932 times)

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« on: November 03, 2017, 21:50 »
Just curious--if you are NOT exclusive to anyone, do people here upload the same images to more than one site, say the same image of a dog and tree to istock, SS, AND adobe? Is there a reason NOT to do that?


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« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2017, 22:45 »
Yes to uploading to other sites. I would avoid IS just because they seem to cheat lots of people by giving you a share of practically nothing. I only signed up but decided not to upload there.
As for uploading to other sites not every site will except all images and not every person/buyer checks out every site, so it works out in the end.  :)

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« Reply #2 on: November 10, 2017, 13:34 »
Just curious--if you are NOT exclusive to anyone, do people here upload the same images to more than one site, say the same image of a dog and tree to istock, SS, AND adobe? Is there a reason NOT to do that?

Aside from personal choice, and positive or negative expectations with individual agencies, different images sell better or worse at different places. I sell more illustrations on AdobeStock, more Editorial on SS (only because they take them) and a different mix on iStock. An illustration with 50 DLs on FT has one on SS. A photo for Fall this year was rejected by FT, sold first day on SS. One shot with 232 DLs in six years on SS has no sales on FT in two years. Many best sellers are the same on all three, to different levels.

Since I only supply the top three, I'll add why. If I support the price cutters and sites that are a waste of my time, my opinion, then I'm competing for price, against myself. That doesn't make much sense to cut my own profits by selling on the cheap sites. If someone submits to 20 or more sites, that's not an issue any longer. Now you are working on exposure and volume, not value. My time is worth more to me than some cheap commission from some sketchy business of questionable standards.

I don't do much video, that's a whole different question. Select the best places that pay best and get downloads.

Everyone needs to decide on their own, how to work their business. I choose to not sell out or support the bottom feeders. I don't need their money that much. Others may have more desperate needs and will scuffle for nickles and dimes from places that are not easy to trust, with undisclosed partner sites. I want to know who's selling my work! (and that every sale is at a standard price and reported)

« Reply #3 on: January 13, 2018, 08:06 »
I about 500 photos uploaded to 6 different sites and there is absolutely no reason not to do that. I have noticed however that the few exclusive images I have submitted to DT tend to a bit better .


« Reply #4 on: January 13, 2018, 09:10 »
Something else to keep in mind is that all agencies go through cycles. For example, until recently SS used to be a stable and consistent performer for me but has been in serious decline as of late. However both FT (Adobe) and IS have more than taken up the slack - keeping my overall earnings stable and in some cases on the rise. There's a lot of volatility in the industry at the moment so putting all of your eggs in one basket seems riskier than ever. Having said that though I am testing some limited image exclusivity with FT and it seems to be working out. Too early to tell for sure.

« Reply #5 on: January 13, 2018, 09:16 »
Non exclusive goes everywhere.

Sometimes I process files in a different style, more eye popping colors for agency A, more subtle or matte processing for agency B and a mobile stock filter for C...if I know from experience it will make them sell better.

But non exclusive means you can get it anyhwere, so off it goes.


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