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Author Topic: Depth Of Field Question?  (Read 28901 times)

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Uncle Pete

« Reply #25 on: February 19, 2014, 11:22 »
There, the "part of the universe" rule set in.
Meaning, the lesser part of the universe you photograph, the lesser the dof.

And then there are teles... They dont really fit into the rule.

Good way to put it.

Almost off topic?

Can anyone recommend a free stacking program? Or if I have CS3 do I already have one. What about Elements and multiple layers. I've never even looked into it, but wonder about even a small stack, say 4-5 images, to get better depth of field, it might be interesting.

I think I need to learn more technique in this area. Not going to buy a TS-E.

Looking for entry level, starting out and then work ahead from that.

« Reply #26 on: February 19, 2014, 12:01 »
I messed around w/ Zerene stacker or something like that (free stack program) it is more oriented towards macro w/ many layers, but worked. I see it is only a 30 day trial now.

I have heard that basically no matter what combination of lenses and distances, if you fill the frame w/ the object you will have a similar depth of field - so for a ball, wide angle up close will be about the same as telephoto from far away (with some differences because of the depth of the object that you actually see) and filling the frame would be similar for a basketball as for a bb. Things that help make the depth of field larger are a smaller sensor (essentially cropping) and a smaller aperture.

« Reply #27 on: February 19, 2014, 22:59 »
As for stacking programs I use ZM combine. Its free, a bit oldfashioned and creates splendid pictures.
I also have Helicon focus, that is not free, it is much more advanced and can control the camera and calculate the number of frames.

But I do not use it, its too complicated and ZM combine is good enough. That is because I have stacked so many times that I have a good feeling for how many frames and what distance to photograph from.
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