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Will you be uploading images during Xmas and New Year's?

Nope, I'm taking an uploading break.
Yep, and to all agencies.
Yep, but just to a select few.
Yep, but just to Shutterstock.
Don't wanna say.

Author Topic: Are you uploading during Xmas?  (Read 5787 times)

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« on: December 20, 2008, 07:06 »
Given the lowered demand for imagery in the coming weeks, are you adapting your uploading strategy to suit?

« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2008, 07:40 »
not voted yet.  But I thought about it myself.

Yes there is less demand, so fewer DL's

BUT there will be also less images uploaded (I guess) so the chance of staying on page1 seems greater to me than in normal weeks.  Especially if everybody starts uploading the first week of jan. 

so maybe the worst time to upload is the first of maybe also the second week of Jan.  But actually I don't know for sure, if it matters eventually.  Any thought ?  Any experiences ?

« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2008, 07:49 »
So you've resumed uploading, perrush.
Why not, huh - it's too cold to be cycling! (big huge grin)

« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2008, 08:42 »
I dont want to say. My strategy is classified. :D

« Reply #4 on: December 20, 2008, 09:32 »
Hi sharply,

well yes, it's lousy weather these months.  I've been cycling my a** off for a year ... time to take some rest  ;D

and photography was never far away.  So I decided to buy back all my gear (including studioflashes) and start again ... but maybe not so heavy as I used to be.  I'll still do micro, but not the 'standard' micro shots.  I'm aiming for the beteer shots this time, don't matter if they earn a lot or not. 

But all this makes that I'm starting to upload in the worst month  :D

« Reply #5 on: December 20, 2008, 10:25 »
Christmas will be a "five day vacation", so I will have more time, except for the 24th, with all the preparations.  So I will probably upload something (I haven't in weeks), but only to the few places I am uploading now.


« Reply #6 on: December 20, 2008, 10:45 »
I have got my new camera and two weeks off work, so I will probably be uploading.


« Reply #7 on: December 20, 2008, 11:14 »
I have backed off uploading until the new year. 

With newer images having some advantage in visibility at most sites, I would rather upload mine when there will be some customers around to see... :)

Besides - it's nice to have a break!

« Reply #8 on: December 20, 2008, 19:57 »
Since I work fulltime and have a rather long commute (63 miles one way) I use my vacation time to shoot stock.  I have the week of Christmas off so I'll be shooting like mad all week, except for Christmas day.  I probably won't get them all keyworded and uploaded until after Jan 1.

« Reply #9 on: December 21, 2008, 00:03 »
I had a long talk with myself.
And made a promise NOT to work, process, upload, or check this forum, the other forum, all the forums, 15 times a day again and again like there's no tomorrow.
'Relax Anna, and have fun' - I told myself.

However I voted 'Yes, to a selected few'.

That's because I am ADDICTED and I already know I won't be able to stay away for the whole week.
2 - 3 days at the maximum :)
And no, it is not about the money, search engines, new files and all that jazz.
It is simply because I love, love, love it and can't stop :)
Come on, I'm only a newbie :)

Best to all, and many, many thanks for everything you guys and gals have taught me so far!
Much appreciated!


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« Reply #10 on: December 21, 2008, 00:12 »
I think lisa im going to take your word for it and stop untill the new year good idea

« Reply #11 on: December 21, 2008, 14:26 »
I'll be taking it easy - I haven't got much to upolad anyway.
Instead I will be downloading some Guinness instead!
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« Reply #12 on: December 21, 2008, 14:42 »
I'm going to trickle a few  up to SS but nothing to the other sites until the new year.

« Reply #13 on: December 21, 2008, 15:45 »
No uploading just catching up on backlogs that I have been neglecting..

« Reply #14 on: December 21, 2008, 19:37 »
You bet I'll be uploading.  Having been recently laid off, every 25 cents is important


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« Reply #15 on: December 21, 2008, 20:45 »
I'm giving the stock sites a rest for a couple of weeks while I put together my own site.


« Reply #16 on: December 22, 2008, 07:34 »
You bet I'll be uploading.  Having been recently laid off, every 25 cents is important

LOL - amen to that ;)  I'm in the same boat.

« Reply #17 on: December 22, 2008, 07:54 »
Since I have a day job this break allows me to shoot and upload at a faster clip.

« Reply #18 on: December 22, 2008, 22:37 »
I will continue to upload :)

« Reply #19 on: December 23, 2008, 14:56 »
Absolutely.  I'm taking some time off from the day job and I have plenty of time to spend on my stock work.  ;D


« Reply #20 on: December 25, 2008, 03:48 »
I will continue to upload :)

Like a mad man. 193 new images to Alamy today. Began editing at just after midnight, started the last batch uploading at about 6:30pm. Two computers, one for editing, one for sending files, which makes the process a little faster. While I'm cropping and correcting, I can keep an eye on the other one.

Microstock is on vacation, but not because of the holidays. The time to get business is when everyone else is cutting back. While the competition is sleeping, you can get your foot in the door. Not uploading is like saying, sales are slow, so we'll stop advertising, stop delivering and make sales even worse?

The whole best placement game is a contradiction in logic if most people hold back for a couple of weeks. When everyone starts again, the new photos will be a flood and everything will be buried just as fast as if it was already online. Reviews will be backed up making it longer before your photos get online.

I'd be of the opinion that now is the time to get the photos up and selling. If it's a good shot, it's going to sell no matter what. It seems everyone wants fast reviews, why hold back and keep buyers from ever having a chance to see your photos for two weeks, then complain because it takes so long to get them reviewed? I really don't get it?

No one will ever buy a photo that they can't see.  ;D


« Reply #21 on: December 27, 2008, 00:34 »
It's just that uploading a bunch of images that normally have really good sales potential during a time when there aren't as many buyers perusing the micros...it almost seems like a waste of exposure.  Another week goes by and that same image gets buried.  I did get a batch of 30 or so images approved at Shutterstock earlier this week...all photos, and mostly people shots.  They sold a bunch of times the next day for a total of $8.  If I had waited and uploaded them in January I'm sure I would have made double or triple that.  It's all a crap shoot.  Sales suck right now, I can't wait for January.

« Reply #22 on: December 27, 2008, 04:55 »
I'm not uploading now - I'm done until 1/2/9


« Reply #23 on: December 28, 2008, 00:57 »
I am on my holidays which means more time to shoot and upload.


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