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Comparison of Standard RF License Agreements

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--- Quote from: Sadstock on June 05, 2012, 06:26 ---Thanks for undertaking this!  Great to see laid out this way.  Would be helpful to see if EL can be purchased for a subscription price.  Would also love to see the minimum publicly noted potential price for an EL.

I recall that PhotoDune has low priced ELs which is why I've been avoiding them.  Or am I confusing them with somebody else?

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I think you're right about PD.  I didn't join them for a good reason and that was probably it.

I wouldn't mind comparing EL prices too but I think that will have to be a new project on another table. It's difficult to compare agents as they all have different ELs, different sizing and now we've got sites like 123rf who offer different pricing depending which country the buyer lives at.


--- Quote from: BaldricksTrousers on June 05, 2012, 06:32 ---I don't see the sense of "web reproductions", is this the same a "hits on page", in which case how is anyone going to police it? Or does it mean they can make 250,000=500,000 different web pages with the image in it, which is never going to happen, anyway?

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Thanks BT.  I wasn't sure what to call it at the time but I changed the heading to 'Other Reproductions' and added a note under the table.

I was talking about this problem more than year ago, but no one paid much attention to ...
Maybe because I was to lazy to make a table like this...
Thank you Leaf and Lee also!

Double post

Great thread! Very useful.

Please add Alamy to the list and if possible add the EL payouts (or the range).

ELs can be disabled at Photodune - also something that might be interesting to add, which agency offers opt-out for ELs.

Thanks for the hard work!


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