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Comparison of Standard RF License Agreements

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I've copied this over from this thread where I created a table comparing the standard RF licenses of a few of our agents.  If you'd like another agent added, find any errors or find changes to existing licenses at a later date, drop me a post here and I'll update it.

ETA:  The purpose of this table is to highlight those agents selling EL User Rights under the normal standard RF license and subscription sales.

AgentOther ReproductionsPrint ReproductionsSeatsResolution (pixels)Shutterstock250,000250,000Single800 x 600iStockphoto500,000 *1500,000 *1Single1200 x 800FotoliaUnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited1000 x 1000DreamstimeUnlimited500,000Single800 widthDepositPhotos500,000500,000Single1024 x 678123rf250,000250,000Single? *2No restrictionsBigstockUnlimited but *3Unlimited but *3Single1200 x 800Canstock500,000500,000Single600 x 800Veer500,000500,000Single800 x 600StockfreshUnlimited250,000Single800 x 600GLStockImages10,00010,000UnlimitedNo restrictions
* Notes
1. Excess Reproduction Run for iStockphoto is invoiced to buyer - does this mean no additional commission is paid to the contributor?
2. Number of seats is not mentioned in the standard licence restrictions for 123rf, however they do over an unlimited multi-seat EL.
3. Limited reproduction however usage granted to only one type and must purchase separate license for each type.

Other reproductions include anything that's not reproduced on printed material.  For example, ebooks, images incorporated into software, media reproductions - film, video, email marketing and similar.

I've highlighted the ones that need attention in red.

I've just made this thread sticky so it's easy to reference back to in the future.

Thanks Leaf.

Thanks for undertaking this!  Great to see laid out this way.  Would be helpful to see if EL can be purchased for a subscription price.  Would also love to see the minimum publicly noted potential price for an EL.

I recall that PhotoDune has low priced ELs which is why I've been avoiding them.  Or am I confusing them with somebody else?

I don't see the sense of "web reproductions", is this the same a "hits on page", in which case how is anyone going to police it? Or does it mean they can make 250,000=500,000 different web pages with the image in it, which is never going to happen, anyway?


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