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Author Topic: Are there any traveling micorstock photographers?  (Read 11699 times)

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« Reply #50 on: January 13, 2012, 14:44 »
I see huge problem especially for "western folks". You are used to your comfort (no offense), eating out, having beer in pub (doesnt matter how much it costs), renting car instead of going by bus etc. Ppl from for example post communist countries like me can live even in wester Europe for $1200 a month without much problems. And living costs in rest of the world outside EU, USA, Canada and Australia are usually much much cheaper. You can live in many countries for just few hundred $$ a month. You can do that even with micro only.

You dont have to stay in hotel or B&B - just go to cheap off season hostel or share with other travellers. Cook instead eating out. Avoid pubs as they are extremely pricy. Hitchhike if you must or travel by last minute super cheap flights. Share car, buy railroad passes etc. In summer sleep in camps or in remote areas camp outdoors...
There are dozens of ways how to save money. Ive been 3 weeks in Norway from south to Lofoten and back - all including food and camps was $800.

Travel photography is not so good on microstock. But microstock is just a tiny part of agency photography and agencies are just a tiny part of total photography business. And demand for travel pictures is higher then it ever was. There are still ways how to get in the business. But it is not easy of course ;)   


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« Reply #51 on: January 13, 2012, 22:35 »
It's not comfort which worries me. I'd never sleep worrying for about my camera equipment if I was in a hostel dorm - the cheaper you travel, the most difficult the logistics of keeping your equipment safe becomes. E.g. if you don't have a safe in your room, you have to carry all your important stuff with you all the time. One time I was on a 'second class, air-conditioned' overnight long-distance train where all I had between 'me and my equipment' and 'all comers' was a curtain - having my head on my camera bag and my hand through the shoulder strap wasn't conducive to sleep.

« Reply #52 on: January 17, 2012, 22:09 »
I have lots of travel photos in my portfolio, but they are not big money makers.  Very satisfying to sell however and I always have my camera with me when I travel.  We travel fairly often around the world and enjoy taking photos for fun, not always for stock.  Quite honestly, a photo of a pine cone sells nearly as much as my "best" travel shots.  I do it for fun, send some of them in and am happy when they sell.  It would be very hard to make significant dollars the way I do it, but shooting editorial opens more possibilities. I have enough iStock income that my accountant says I am able to expense out significant travel costs for days when I spend at least half of the time shooting or scouting shots. That is pretty nice come tax time.


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