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Author Topic: Microstock is a dead end because of you  (Read 13761 times)

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Uncle Pete

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« Reply #50 on: March 08, 2023, 13:34 »
And this is nothing, AI is here to stay, dominate and put this circus of greedy agencies, contributors, stockphoto YouTubers, keywording sites etc. out of business. Soon customers will ask AI in google for the images they want and instantly (for free) they will get a bunch of similar images to choose from. Probably with much better looking models than the originals for sale in photo stock sites.

"Google, give me a sunset Nikon Z9 35mm 2.8 photo of a smiling group of Swedish nurses wearing lab coats looking at the camera......"  will be available very soon, very soon

You deserve the credit for this freaky image.  :)

I don't understand this worshipping of AI. Even if it gets so much better, it will still produce thumbnail size crappy quality images.

So far that's true.

Do these AI images get downloads or are they just filling up space?

According to AS Recent Top sellers, they are selling well. And yeah, "lovely" swedish nurses. For Halloween. :D

I guess I need to get into viewing recent top sellers. I did a bunch of AI images, nothing amazing or fantastic, some backgrounds and illustrations, and some were actually accepted on SS. But between that and AS, DT and Alamy, they are a No Sale. And for the time and effort, I'm not that interested.

Obviously, or which planet are these women from?

If anyone followed the link in the original, the one I posted was the best looking of the set.

I have had fun with AI and created logos and icons and the price is right. Free and I have fun. After that, I'm not going to pay to play or have hopes (like winning the lottery?) that mine from Open AI, will become best sellers.

Time to move on

« Reply #51 on: March 12, 2023, 09:26 »

Dollars.... dead

Reviewers.... dead

Everything.... everyone.... dead

Not so negative. Unless this is your only income, then you are screwed. Try to see it positive. Everytime someone buys your photo/video/vector it means that this person values your work. He/she/it has looked for something, saw different options and has chosen your work. Forget about the dollars, think of that one client that values your work :)
If you only focus on the dollar sign then things will only get worse, right? If so then get out and do something else. You have millions of competitors and growing. It's a lost cause.

Seriously why else would anyone in their right mind do this for the glory?

Credits don't pay any bills.



« Reply #52 on: March 12, 2023, 09:56 »
Seriously why else would anyone in their right mind do this for the glory?

Credits don't pay any bills.


It's called acceptance and turning things into the positive. Making a living from microstock is a station passed for almost everyone. Your portfolio will became smaller relative to the total supply because supply grows way faster then you can upload into your portfolio. Payments will get smaller with each year that passes by. The old days are gone and will never come back. Adobe in the end will also lower their $0.33 minimum to keep in line with others (especially now because it seems that have lost a lot of money with Sillicon Valley Bank). So, since things will get even worse and there will be guaranteed more exciting news ahead from all stock agencies, what will you do? You can stop all together or twist it around and make something positive out of it. Or not :)

I was just trying to cheer Pacesetter up a bit here. But we can also let him/her/it sit in the corner and help him/her/it getting even more depressed about it. Will do that next time.

« Reply #53 on: June 16, 2024, 23:35 »
When SS ruthlessly cut the rates they paid in 2020, I wanted to leave as soon as I got to first payout as I'd not been submitting for long. It took longer to payout though due to so many low cent DLs but later I got much more for some sales & the average price per DL went up. My sales also went higher.
 DT & DP worked out roughly the same price per DL as SS but with far less sales & didn't seem to increase even after adding more photos. Only adobe's average DL price is better & by quite a margain. Alamy also cut their royalty rate by half (for me anyway) but with no increase in sales making the other places (apart from adobe) worse than SS.


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