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Author Topic: Adobe in news...from bad to worse  (Read 420 times)

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Not that relevant since Adobe offers many of us free access to all apps or to LR/PS.

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Not that relevant since Adobe offers many of us free access to all apps or to LR/PS.

 free access  ???


« Reply #3 on: Yesterday at 09:01 »
I feel "sorry" for Adobe,because this is what you gain in this world when you try to be fair and honest.

people complain that they can't cancel an annual subscription on Adobe products?But don't make me laugh please it's a joke!

first of all if someone agrees to sign up for an annual subscription,it's all written in the terms,everything very clearly,and then they should be grateful that Adobe gives the possibility to cancel an annual subscription by paying a penalty which I think is 50% of the remaining months,so they should be grateful that it is possible to do so,because they have signed an annual subscription.

then people complain that "it's difficult" to cancel a subscription to Adobe products,I have always found everything extremely simple and clear,never had any problems.

I often paid the monthly installment late,never had a problem.

it's a similar discussion as it is also written in the article,for Amazon,which was accused of being difficult to cancel a Prime subscription,another huge nonsense,because it has always been extremely simple.

then people complain that Adobe allows the creation of img to img,they complain about copyright infringement and they complain about everything,then when Adobe updates the terms to be able to start solving many of the problems that people complain about,then the people are complaining because they feel outraged by Adobe's attempt to address the problems that people have complained about before! :D

allow me to say that I really find a lot of irony in all this! :D

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« Reply #4 on: Yesterday at 09:16 »
Not that relevant since Adobe offers many of us free access to all apps or to LR/PS.

 free access  ???


look at the "bonus program" section here: https://helpx.adobe.com/stock/contributor/help/royalty-details.html

« Reply #5 on: Yesterday at 11:54 »
a) Lol - the headline is very clickbaity. No "bad" to "worse", lol.
b) Looking @ the bigger picture - many times (not saying it is necessarily the case here, I don't know the full specifics) - but organizations like the FTCare weaponized against certain companies. So look @ the companies who are 'attacking' adobe - those are the real culprits.
c) Don't know the specifics of whether cancellation is/was difficult - I do know (smaller) companies to resort to tactics like that - not sure about Adobe's case. It would seem unusual simply because bigger/larger companies tend to be under more scrutiny. If they did - then yes, they should make it easier. If it was isolated incidents - then rectify those.
d) Not "all" the fault is of the company if indeed certain things were buried in the fine print. People actually SHOULD read license agreements - but most don't. And then those that do - many don't challenge it - just 'giving up'. So part of the onus is on the individuals who didn't actually read the fine print if it actually says that.

Anyways, sounds like something the company will need to deal with/handle. That's (unfortunately) part of business.

As an FYI - I don't particularly care for the 'subscription' model - but - it is more profitable model on many different counts - so I understand why Adobe, as well as other companies like Amazon, Bloomberg, Midjourney, all do the same...

« Reply #6 on: Yesterday at 13:50 »
perhaps it would be appropriate to make a button on each device and keyboards,

a large button with "UNSUBSCRIBE" written on it!  :D

I had a paid Adobe All Apps subscription until the end of last year,
upon cancellation,for me it was all very simple,I was offered 2 months free if I continued the subscription,furthermore if I decided to cancel before the end of the subscription,I could do so,paying I seem to remember 50% of the remaining months.
All very simple and clear like drinking a glass of water.

Regarding Midjourney there are perhaps many things to say,but the clarity of the subscriptions is not in question,even with Midjourney everything is done very clearly regarding the subscriptions,just as it is clear that the images generated on Midjourney are public,MJ it is intended to be public,and is clearly specified.


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