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Author Topic: Select what you upload - take measures towards greedy Agencies  (Read 2526 times)

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« on: February 17, 2012, 20:07 »
I just wanted to present you an Idea how to take action against unfair agencies.
It is painless, does not impact your earnings too much but lowers the overall quality of the agency collection.

As many of you know I am too a regular buyer with a pretty high volume working for various companies and managing some accounts of these buyer companies. Most of the time in the past when I opened up an account at a new agency it was for material I could not find on the known one.
And this it what happens until today every now and then. Usually afterwards, this company or other people working with company account just continue with the account of the new agency. Oftenly regardless of price. Reason: time pressure, lazyness to open a new account, you got to bother the management with loading money into a new account etc.

So: IF you CANNOT delete your account for financial reasons or stop uploading completely I recommend you to ONLY upload very commercial and generic content to the greedy agencies. This is the content which brings you most income anyway, BUT any professional buyer will switch sooner or later to another agency or at least partially buy at another place because he wont be able to find what he looks for, his niche stuff, more creative stuff etc.

If they treat us like junk contributors, they will only receive junk.

« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2012, 03:56 »
Hi Velo :),
this is a brilliant idea and a good compromise.
It's also easy to put in practice.
If you can't take down your port, if can't even stop uploading, at least be selective.
Upload only generic stock stuff, the stuff that sells the most anyway, to 'bad' agencies and keep your most creative, unique stuff for the good guys only.
Give it time, be united, and collections will start showing differences and attracting buyers.
Easy enough, right?
Wrong :)
Look at the number of replies you got - zero :)
You forgot one important factor - greed.
Somehow, it looks as if every single contributor, (or most of them anyway), is facing starvation.
They have children, parents, hospital bills, education bills, a 'roof to put over the heads', food on the table and all sorts of other, dire financial difficulties to solve.
Whether they barely make 50 dollars a month, or 5000 is all the same.
A sale is a sale and 0,5 cents (or 0.7 cents to be precise, from IStok the bestest), is better than nothing.
They cannot stop uploading and they never will.
It's the face of pure greed.
And look where it brought us. Commission cuts everywhere.
I fully expect Shutterstok and Dreamstime to follow the same path soon.
And why not?

Well, anyways.
Going back to your idea, I love it and I'm in.
Don't get too excited though :)
My port is around 550 images, not much to talk about and by myself I won't make any difference. 
I have already deleted my port on IStock, and I agree to be selective with my uploads to Fotolia / 123 RF from now on.
On one condition though - contributors to be united and join in. In an organized, open manner.
All of us, or at least most of us.
Including and especially the high performers.

But Velo, we both know that this is never going to happen.
So back to uploading everywhere, and thank you for a good idea.


« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2012, 09:18 »
That was a beautiful poem. I don't understand the bit in the middle though about how paying bills, providing shelter and food for one's children is greed. Did I fall into opposite land? If working in an unfair system in order to earn money to prevent death from exposure and starvation is considered greed in this opposite world then climbing to the top of a bell tower with a high powered rifle and opening fire on the crowd below must be considered humane behavior. Cool. There's a bell tower down the street. gotta go be a good citizen.

disclaimer: the above post was mockery. No crowds were fired upon. Go back to sleep.

« Reply #3 on: February 19, 2012, 09:56 »
you mean to say that by trying to be selective when uploading to sites that pay very low commission, you'll be starving?
Is that so?
We're talking about a couple of images here, the ones that don't sell much anyway. Not your whole port.
But if you, or others, (almost everyone here, actually), can't do it, I understand.
Going hungry is not something to be taken lightly.
I understand.

Good luck :)
there you go.


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