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« on: May 14, 2012, 09:47 »
I think it is the first time I start a thread here in this forum. I used to be at shutterstock, but they kicked me out for controversy.

Here comes.

I think the internet is the most important thing that has happend to Mankind in the last 1000 years, or even since fire was invented.
Because everybody can share.
All the information in the world is now at arms length.

Back in the times there were druids who were splendid astronomers and who were the only ones who could make a calender and tell you when to plant and harvest.
Thousand years ago Rome had an information monopoly that lasted 500 years. The dark ages. No news were ever spread, everything was vieled in superstition.
Then came the religious ages, when the local priest interpretated and told you what to know. That age lasted until about 1900.
Printed, wired and other media were a revolution in the 1900. Another group than priests could have their say. And they did. they spoke, typed and printed and broadcasted. Our whole self understanding is based on what the media said between 1900 and 2000.
They lied. They never published the stories of the little old lady who was shot by waffen SS for a chicken.

Now, with the Internet, things have changed. The traditional media has become obsolete, the world is interconnected. I hear about the Egyptian uproar from a friend stuck in the Cairo airport, about Fukushima from a microstocker in Japan and forest fires in California from a photographer in Los Angeles, whose house did not burn.
I check the news every morning, local news and global. But im disappointed. There are more interesting news in the different forums I visit. Both real news from vulcanoes and forrest fires and from the hensyard.
But more news. the media cannot keep up.
And that is good.
Because I believe what my friends have seen and they are trustworthy 1 degrees sources.
Source to source, no middleman. And since we can all read and write, its not a problem.

Whereas the media is full of crap and selling new subscriptions.

Ok end of the beginning as someone once said.
And then a question.

Now what has that got to do with pictures and sales?
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So you think its misplaced and irrelevant.
Ja, maybe it is.


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