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Which sites allow separate jpeg and vector uploads?

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Anyone know which sites allow separate jpeg and vector uploads of the same illustration?
I know SS does, anyone know of any others?

We allow JPG-only graphics, or, JPG + EPS.        Vectors prices are +40% relative to the price you set for their JPG version.

Thanks Keith, to be honest I'm not on your site yet. After your post I did a quick search on this Forum for stuff about you guys. I'll certainly consider you in future.

Any other sites allow duel uploading?

there is a little overview of what the sites require / want on this page if that helps at all

Thanks v. much, but I think I haven't framed my question very well.
I know which sites will take vectors and the formats they want the vector sent in. What I was wondering was which sites allowed separate jpg and eps/ svg files of the same illustration to be uploaded and listed seperatley. So like on SS where you get the same illustration in a portfolio twice, once as a raster and once as a vector.

I know IS don't allow it, because the buyer gets a jpeg with their vector download anyway, but I was wondering which other sites do.


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